About The Project

This research project is published by the Doubting Thomas Research Foundation. The Foundation's purpose is to search for the truth regarding Biblical history, to substantiate the stories of the Bible with real evidence that remains in those areas to this day. Many Biblical accounts have been reinforced by archaeological discoveries (i.e. the Dead Sea Scrolls and the like), and it is our goal to continue the work of scholars, archaeologists, and theologians who have dedicated their lives to the search of truth.

The Doubting Thomas Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that takes no partisan political stances. Our objective is the pursuit of truth, wherever it may lead, and to share our discoveries with the world. Our first project, the Jabal Maqla-Mount Sinai research quest, is just the first of many excursions we hope to conduct in the future.

A Wide Variety of Work

On-The-Ground Exploration

We have taken multiple trips to this location in Saudi Arabia and have identified, in person, the credibility of the evidence. The blackened peak, the split rock, golden calf site, etc. all offer more evidence that this is the Mountain of Moses than any other proposed location.

Academic Research

In addition to in-person exploration, we are always adding new scholarship on the subject to our websites. Scholars from all walks of life have taken an academic interest in this subject and are actively contributing to the existing body of research.

Watch the Documentary!

We've compiled all of the research on Mount Sinai onto this website, but we have also produced a documentary film with stunning visuals that make Mount Sinai come to life. The full film will be released soon, stay tuned!

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